ECM Motorized Impellers

Product Code:

ECM Motorized Impellers
Product Features:
    Motor Life
  • Ball bearing design ensures long life and low friction at high temperatures
    Motor Safety
  • All standard motors are UL approved
  • Additional agency approvals available including TUV/CE
  • Standard models constructed to IP54 rating
    Motor Construction
  • Rotor body available in natural finish or black painted metal
  • Stator covers cast aluminum for durability
  • Variety of Material options for impellers available including PA66
    Motor Mounting
  • Mounting stator side via tapped holes in casting
  • Blower can be mounted using outlet flange holes or holes near blower inlet
    Control and Operation
  • Leads or custom connectors
  • Integrated control and programming capability allows for multiple speeds per model
  • Motors can be designed to run off DC or AV voltage
    Insulation System
  • Class B or F on standard models
    Additional Components
  • Axial fans available with grille fan guard and capacitor/wiring box with strain relief
  • Centrifugal blowers available with or without blower housing

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