48 Frame EC Motor

Product Code:

48 Frame EC Motor
Product Features:
    Control and Programming
  • Motors are available pre-programmed or un-programmed
  • Controller and power supply integrated into a rear mounted housing
  • All motors have reversible rotation direction capabilities and are constant torque designs
    Motor Life
  • Motors are designed for a 10 year life*
  • 35000 hours running continuous in heating applications*
  • 20000 hours running continuous in AC applications*
    Motor Safety
  • All motors are cUL approved
  • Contain electronic protection
  • Surge rating of 6KVac
  • Available in Class B or F Insulation systems
    Motor Construction
  • Standard construction utilizes an Air Over design with IP20 construction
  • Controller assembly is silicone potted
  • Outer shell utilizes molded unsaturated polyester and aluminum casing for durability
  • Designed to run with reduced vibration
    Temperature Range
  • -40oC to 55oC
  • Utilizing AMP521781-1 connector on standard models.
  • Custom Terminations available
    Mounting Configurations
  • Belly bracket mounting required standard on configurations
  • Shell mounting available upon request

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